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welcome home

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with this place, but it's a constant work in progress as I learn more webdesign skills. Feel free to browse what little bit I have on this site so far. If you have any comments, feel free to reach out to . Enjoy!

enjoy some ramblings from yours truly:

happy holidays!

hello out there! now that my semester of college is wrapped up i finally should be able to get more work done on this website! thank u to my two fans (my gf and my roommate) for encouraging me to work on this again lol. things are still busy as ever this time of the year with the holidays and all, and i’m currently on the other side of the country to spend xmas with my parents.

here’s, below is the screenshots for my final project for the 3d modeling course i took this semester. i’m really proud of how she turned out overall, the modeling went much smoother than i expected but the texturing sure gave me some trouble. i’m so happy with the final result though, i really wanted to capture the felt doll look and i think i did it pretty well.

happy holidays everyone! and if u dont celebrate, then try to take it easy and be kind to urself!

it's been a minute!

hello! sorry it’s been a minute since i last updated my site, i’ve been awfully busy with college work ;-; . as a little bit of a life update, i’ve finally made friends with some of the wonderful people i met in college, and i got to spend a lot more time with my wonderful girlfriend as of late. the holiday itself wasnt anything too crazy for us, but we did go to flushing, queens during the break which was fun. we also explored a partially abandoned highway stack which was a weird but cool experience for us both. she wrote more about our time together as of late here.

overall, things for me have been pretty nice as of late. i’ve been busy with college but i’ve been social, and i started a d&d campaign with some of my new college friends as of late which has been so fun to play again. in this post i also included a screenshot of a silly 3d model i recently made of a character advertizing cheese? or something? im not really sure what i was going for but i wanted to make a girl inside of a cheese costume and im happy with how she turned out. i dont really know how to end this ramble but hopefully ill be able to make more updates to this site soon! the semester is coming to an end and ill have a bit more free time during the winter to design more. thanks for reading!

the scrunklies have arrived

i have no regrets

i am normal about this webcomic

for a few weeks i have been very normal™ about this webcomic called my food looks very cute. its about this really cute yuri comic about a werewolf girl and a vampire girl and its just really cute and pretty and i like women and it fits the boxes to everything i love

a story in 3 parts

impulse purchases

happy bday to me <3

somehow i turned 20 today, and my wonderful gf ( <3 ) and some of my best friends got me this beautiful figure of nana komatsu (the cake was tasty too)

just some 3d models

here’s some 3d models ive made in a class im taking. they arent anything too special, just something ive done recently that im proud of.

animal crossing villager trend thing

just a cute trend thing where make a villager character from animal crossing by taking this quiz to get a villager personality and then making a custom villager in this picrew. i thought my villager looked cute so i thought id share it here

The Money Starch

i recently bought a drawing tablet and needed something to christen it with, so here is some art of Stelle and March 7th from Honkai Star Rail that panders to me and me alone

Welcome to my FUCKING website!

here you will find that there is FUCKING nothing because i havent done a single god dammed thing to this site but REGARDLESS it is so FUCKING COOL !